Look, no hands – the beer pocket

The beer pocket courtesy of Idealog – it all started with a game of darts


Who: Matthias May and KNUT (it’s a Kiwi clothing company).

What: The Beer Pocket

What does it do?

It is a concealed pocket in a pair of jeans—or boardies—that you can whip out at any time to put your beer in.

What problem does it solve?

The age old problem of where to put your beer when you’re in need of a spare hand. Like all those times when you’re playing backyard cricket, BBQing, fishing, making out, according to the KNUT website.

A success?

Sure is. It’s been picked up by media, and there are 18 stores nationwide stocking KNUT clothing. They’re currently looking at potential overseas markets: Texas, California, Aussie—all places where the product matches the lifestyle. May says he came up with the idea during an afternoon backyard darts party in the summer of 07/08. Everyone kept mixing up their beers, and clearly a beer pocket was the ideal solution. The product itself was launched in October last year.



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