Industry experts and social media influencers who have thousands of blog subscribers or Twitter followers may seem attractive to marketers. However, many companies have an untapped digital gold mine: their most satisfied customers AKA Brand Advocates. Advocates are defined by their genuine enthusiasm for brands versus the measure of their social following (which could indeed be large as well). By leveraging their authentic passion, brands can amplify positive Word of Mouth, increase engagement, and drive leads and sales.

eMarketer just published an article and report, “Brand Advocates Scaling Social Media Word of Mouth” which highlights key characteristics and motivations of Brand Advocates including research from a recent Zuberance brand advocacy study.

Here are some of the key characteristics of Brand Advocates from the report:

Brand Advocates recommend products and services, and do so frequently.

Brand Advocates educate other consumers.

Brand Advocates want to share their positive brand experiences to help others (vs getting rewards or discounts)

Brand Advocates are influenced by social media.

It’s clear that Brand Advocates are an influential and powerful marketing force. While creating a brand advocacy strategy, marketers need to ask themselves one question:What do you want your Advocates to do for you?

~ Zuber Rants, May 25th, 2012 | By Cara Fuggetta


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