23 Ways To Boost Your Creativity

Creativity is connecting things especially the seemingly unconnected! 

23 Ways to Boost Your Creativity from Buzz Feed.

Stuck in a creative rut? Listen to these guys. They know what they are talking about.

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1. Make connections…

Make connections...

2. …especially when they’re unexpected.

...especially when they're unexpected.

3. Get anxious.

Get anxious.

4. Get angry…

Get angry...

5. …and then use that anger.

...and then use that anger.

6. Stop thinking…

Stop thinking...

7. …and stop complicating things.

...and stop complicating things.

8. Don’t be afraid to imitate…

Don't be afraid to imitate...

9. …or to steal.

...or to steal.

10. Stop second-guessing…

Stop second-guessing...

11. …and listen to yourself.

...and listen to yourself.

12. Be reckless.

Be reckless.

13. Change your perspective…

Change your perspective...

14. …radically!


15. Stop talking.

Stop talking.

16. Trust your instincts.

Trust your instincts.

17. Listen to your talent.

Listen to your talent.

18. Cultivate longing.

Cultivate longing.

19. Be open…

Be open...

20. …even to your distractions

...even to your distractions

21. Dwell in the future.

Dwell in the future.

22. Take risks.

Take risks.

23. Live dangerously.

Live dangerously.
~ Curated by www.pass-the-idea.com: Source: Buzz Feed, December 7, 2012



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