The Connected Consumer – C2C brand advocate marketing

Social media gives C2C marketing a boost

Brands earn over 600,000 advocates through social media

Retail Digital, 30 JUN 2013, by Shukti Sarma

With social media, retailers are now seeing an overwhelming boost in customer-to-customer marketing in UK. A report by SocialTwist showed that brands like Western Union, Sara Lee, Kimberly Clark, Barnes & Noble have earned over three million consumers in the past 12 months running 120 social referral marketing programs.

The report, “The Connected Consumer in 2013: Brand Advocacy Trends from 100+ Social Campaigns,” showed that of the aforementioned three million, 19% percent of a brand’s social followers became advocates when motivated via referral marketing campaigns, which resulted in over 600,000 brand advocates who referred products and services to their social connections, reaching over 9 million consumers and amplifying the brand’s reach by 15 times. The social channels used include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and email.

Some important social marketing trends were also unearthed. More than 55.4% of advocates shared brand information via email, compared with 2.6% for Twitter and 41.8% for Facebook, and 50.8% of new consumers were reached via email, compared to 26.8% for Twitter and 22% for Facebook. Fifty two per cent of consumer product referrals were generated via Facebook.

Sixty two per cent of advocates opted in to consumer product offers, whereas only 9% of advocates opted in to services offers. Of the 3.2 million referral visitors reached by brands, 602,000 of them referred the brand’s offer to 9 million friends, resulting in 302,000 new customers.

~ Curated by TME World of Marketing, July 1, 2013. Source:


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