Pass The Idea “Highly Commended” 2013 NZ Innovators Awards

Good news, Pass the Idea received a “Highly Commended” in the “Marketing and Communications” category at the New Zealand Innovators Awards presentation held at the Museum Atrium last Thursday evening.


Pictured from left: Christoph Drefers, The Award (!), Richard Lee, and Mike Hutcheson (Sponsor)

Entries in this year’s awards were up by 22% so the competition was intense!  According to the organiser, The New Zealand Innovation Council, “The quality of entries this year was outstanding and the evaluators had a very difficult task.”  So we were ecstatic to make it up on stage in such esteemed company.

Steven Joyce, the so called Minister of Everything (including Business, Innovation and Employment) also spoke at the ceremony about the importance of innovation to the New Zealand economy – Pass The Idea received development funding from Callaghan Innovation under Steven Joyce’s Ministry, so was great to see our ultimate supporter at the awards ceremony.


More on the Awards as follows:

Cancer detection test gets Pacific Edge the supreme award at the New Zealand Innovator Awards

By Idealog, October 17, 2013

Dunedin-based biotech company Pacific Edge is this year’s supreme winner of the New Zealand Innovators Awards thanks to its novel cancer detection test Cxbladder.

Thanks to the new Kiwi-developed easy-to-use urine sampling system, clinicians can quickly test for bladder cancer, minimising the need for the patient to go to a laboratory or wait to see a specialist at a time when the cancer could be progressing.

Award evaluators noted how the innovative diagnostic tool was highly accurate and had potential to save lives.

The awards ceremony was held at the Auckland Museum this evening and highlighted the innovative work of a number of New Zealand companies and individuals, including: Fonterra for its unique Alternative Make Cheese (AMC) process used to produce premium Mozzarella on a commercial scale; StretchSense, who have created a soft, stretchy sensor for measuring human body deformation and movement; and 14-year- old Ayla Hutchinson who developed Kindling Cracker – a device used for making wood kindling without dangerously wielding an axe.

“You often hear about how innovative New Zealand is, but there is nothing like these Awards for getting the full perspective. Entries increased by 22% on last year and have come from the length and breadth of New Zealand, from start-up companies and universities – right through to large global corporates,” said Louise Webster, New Zealand Innovation Council CEO and Awards convenor. “It’s amazing to see the talent out there and even better to recognize the best. That’s what the New Zealand Innovators Awards are all about – celebrating an amazing blend of talented people, disciplines and industries”.

Webster added that the “innovation and commercialisation happens on the edge of industries with the cross pollination of ideas and practices from one sector to another”. “The New Zealand Innovators Awards brings these industries and people together to form a national innovation community. We need to shout about our achievements and inspire others to go on a journey of growth through innovation.”

Foundation sponsor Bayer New Zealand is once again heavily involved with the awards, which are also supported by yours truly Idealog, as a media partner, Ideas Accelerator and the New Zealand Innovation Council.

“It is critical for people to be open to new ideas. We must not live in a society that is afraid of taking risks and grasping opportunities. The New Zealand Innovators Awards celebrates these opportunities and encourages innovators across New Zealand to invest in innovation for business growth,” said Bayer ANZ chairperson Jackie Applegate.

~Curated by Pass The Idea.



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